Not sure how I feel about it…

The guy I'm renting Ravenwood from just let us know he's selling the place and is cancelling the lease. I don't have to pay rent this month, but I also need to be moved out by the first of June.

So it's basically a repeat of farm 1.0 back in Virginia; where the guy we were buying it from booted us in favor of a lady with cash in hand.

On the one hand I'm miffed that this keeps happening and I once again have to move. On the other hand it gets me out from under deadbeat roommates, $2000 a month rent that I've been soloing, and two-plus hours on the road every day during the week.

To complicate things, the guy who owns the place will be redoing the roof for the new buyer this month, so there will be contractor chaos to deal with as well.

I've deleted most of my posts since I moved to Ravenwood; no sense in holding on to all of the upset and frustration. I'll keep some of the highlights, but for the most part I'm going to try to forget this chapter ever happened.