Note to self: Listen to sermon before eating missionary…

I realize that my journaling has been erratic of late and this is mostly due to efforts at work and around the house… I’ve just simply been really busy.

In the work arena I’ve been given the network there, as well as the responsibility of improving the hardware compatibility lab, inventing new and better ways to test (break) things, and training everyone in things like proper test procedure, documentation, and anything else I can teach them.

It’s all very similar to the time I spent at Marianapolis teaching CompSci and working with ZeZe on the network there.

We’ve got some *really* big contracts coming up in part due to my efforts… It’s nice to be a part of something again.

Meanwhile, around the house things are settling into their proper rhythms… Except for Scales who just doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere really quick. He’s still unemployed, stays up/out all night, doesn’t get moving till 11, and seems to spend all day either playing computer games or watching TV… Not exactly the proper method for getting employed.

I took Tuesday off to get the place cleaned up: Did the dishes, took out the trash, and generally made the place feel better… This was triggered by the fact that we’d been here for a month and most of the dishes were still packed and the kitchen was a disaster. Two days later the sink was full of dishes again and the kitchen was a disaster. This sucks as Jae and I aren’t here all that much and therefore don’t make a lot of mess…

I need to talk to Scales I guess. I hate this part of the roommate thing.

I figured out the other day that right now I work about 2-3 hours a day to support Scales… I wouldn’t mind this if he was furthering himself with school or something. But that’s not in his plan either.


Anywho, Jae is out this weekend house sitting for some friends. He took his liquid cooled monster computer with him so I’m sure I’ll see him online if I get the chance. I hope he’s got stuff to eat there…

Oh, that brings up another thing that’s going on around here… Jae’s car is fubar. So now we’re down to one car, mine, for all of the running around Jae and I need to do. Scales still doesn’t have a driver’s license so he’s a non-factor, but I assume that’ll be changing eventually too.

Well, I should get going around here and get the place cleaned up. I bought a microwave last night and need to get it set up too.

So have a great day out there folks!