Notes from the edge…

Another weekend is looming on the horizon, and that's a good thing.

Let's see, what's happened in the last few days… Hmm, not a lot I guess.

I've been getting up, futzing with the computer for a little bit, then working on my daily chores of kitchen cleaning and general house maintenance, then performing my general “listen to today's problem and comment on the fix” duties. Today I'll be fixing the vacuum then spending some time working on Noan's car before Scales gets up and bends my ear for a couple of hours in regards to whatever thing will have him spun up today.

Been talking theology, psychology, and magic with folks around Haven over the last few days. Some interesting discussions to be sure. Last night Fox was here for an hour or so and there was some discussion in regards to the reconciliation of hermetic traditions and pagan beliefs. Fun stuff.

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