Ravenwood’s animal quotient increased by one this morning.

A still wobbly “Odin” standing next to momma.

The new addition is “Odin”. He was born some time around 10am this morning and is a healthy 50-ish pounds.

When Erin checked on Valkyrie this morning at about 9am she was the only horse out in the field. When Scott checked on Val at about 10:30, she had 8 legs.

What makes this funny is that we (Scott and I) have been giving Erin grief about how her fat horse looked pregnant… Well, Erin bought Val about 11 months ago and she must have been bred right before she was delivered.

I’ve spent most of the day assisting with the foal… Fortunately I have some passing experience with this.

So, there ya have it, the reason I’ve not been online much today.