Of brown coats and space westerns…

Yesterday I introduced Lyon to the wonder that is 'Firefly'… As usual, after the third or fourth episode he exclaimed, “And FOX took this off the air why?”. (chuckle)

I really do hope SciFi or some other network with a brain picks the show back up and runs with it someday.

Wolf has been completely absorbed into the WoWbeast… As Lyon and I watched Firefly downstairs, roaring with laughter at the great one liners and discussing the backstory of the series, Wolf sat alone, upstairs, in the dark, and played WoW.

I'm a little worried as the last wife I introduced to an MMO, Zeze's ex, got so caught up in it that they eventually got divorced over it. But I don't see Wolf getting so involved as to forego everything else, including work, for the sake of a game.

Other than that, I'm doing better health-wise. My week of solitude comes to an end today as I pick up Zeze from DIA at 10am. Pitty I didn't get more accomplished, but with work being a rat bastard right now and the Thursday morning ER run, most of the week was shot right out of the gate.

Oh well.