Of Gaming and Lizards…

Wolf called yesterday with some questions about the new computer I gave Lion, and after a few unproductive moments on the telephone it was determined that I should just drive over there and Wolf would gladly feed me to make the computer go again… So off I went.

As it turns out they added a PCI IDE card to the computer and it had some basic RAID functionality to it which was what was confusing the whole process. Oh, and Lion’s wireless NIC had taken the long walk and was no longer functioning… But they have a direction to go forward with now.

So the rest of the day was spent catching up with the year since I had seen them last. Their new house is quite nice.

Eventually a new fellow named Nick arrived and gaming commenced. Wolf picked up some weighty tome which is nothing more than a gaming module the size of your average Oxford’s English. It’s an interesting idea as it is supposed to take a little over a year to finish based on 8 hours a week of gaming time. Anyways, before the night was over I had been drug into the proceedings and Flinthorn had been trotted out to lend his rather unique viewpoint to things… It’s possible that my Saturday evenings will be thusly occupied for the foreseeable future, which is a good thing to be sure.

I got home around 23:00 to find Jae still up and was told of his adventures: He and Jon from work were attempting to tow his derelicts out of the garage and managed to both get tickets for this noble cause; Jon for improper towing and Jae for driving a car without insurance… Though I’m unsure of how they determined ‘driving’ with that last as the car Jae was in was physically attached to Jon’s truck at the time and the motor won’t turn over anymore.

Anyways, long story short; once Jae finished paying for the tow truck, giving Jon the money for the fine he got, and got the money for the car; he was net $5 and has to go to court on the 10th… Which is where he will undoubtedly get another fine and this whole thing will wind up costing him around $100.

Again, people wonder why we rarely leave the house.

We also have a new house guest as of last night: A Savannah Monitor lizard…

A few days ago a fellow at work approached Jae and said “Want a lizard?”… From what I gather a roommate of this fellow had packed up a few weeks back and left the lizard and its tank just sitting on the floor. There was no heat rock, no food, no water and the rest of the roommates just ignored the thing hoping it, like the roommate who owned it, would simply just go away.

So Jae came to me and said “Want a lizard?” whereupon I asked what kind of lizard and was brought over to talk to the coworker who was attempting to divest himself of it. Jae and I agreed to take it as neither of us wanted the thing to starve to death or something, and I have some knowledge of reptiles thanks in part to canth? and her amazing collection of snakes and lizards from years ago (ever been bitten by a Tokay Gecko? I have…). Due to this exposure I felt I could assist the thing in getting back to a healthy life.

So we were told that he was unsure if the thing was even alive still and would ‘go rattle its cage and see if it moved’, it did, and now it’s here in my living room.

It’s drastically under weight for its size, favors one back leg, and has obviously not been handled often. I put the lizard in a large cardboard box in a quiet corner of the living room while I bleached the tank and replaced the bedding just in case there was a mite problem. Once back in the tank I started him on meal worms and he still has appetite so that’s good. I’ll run up to ‘Reptilian Haven’ here today and pick up some pinkies, a few large fuzzies and a small mouse or two (and a feeder tank) and some tetracycline in case I need it for an internal parasite problem.

The good news is that the monitor has a good nose so it hasn’t been stressed horribly and mashed itself against the glass of the tank.

We’ll also get to find out just how squeamish Jae is… I don’t think he’s ever been within sight distance of a pet that is a live feeder. 🙂