Of movies and laundromats…

Went to the theater over in Evergreen last night and saw Hellboy 2.

It was a fun movie, but kind of disjointed – almost like the movie wasn't sure if it was an action flick or a back story setup for Hellboy 3.

Doug Jones was awesome, as always, and his character “Abe” got a lot more script time in this movie.

Yesterday morning I was successful in locating the local laundromat and spent an hour or so there doing laundry and chatting with a few select 'locals' about everything from the weather to horses.

It is such a small community up here that I was immediately pegged as someone new because no one had seen me before. So, after finding out who I was and where I lived, I was immediately immersed in the local gossip.

See, that's the role a laundromat fills; it's not just a place one goes to wash their clothes, it is the community center and has cork boards full of people selling things, buying things and everyone who stops in has some piece of news for the community in general… This information is usually passed on via oral tradition from the owner of the laundromat: “Bob Smith was in the other day and mentioned that he and the other town council folks were going to be going over the old Jones place and that developer that wants to turn it into 400 $750,000+ houses.”

“Really? I s'pose I should go talk to Cathy then and see what her take is on it. After all she's on the west side of the Jones property…”

“Yup. While you're there, tell her that Marge at the post office has a signed letter for her. She can get it on her monthly grocery run I s'pose.”

“Will do.”

The real thing that pegs me as 'new' is the fact that I drive a PT Cruiser… Not exactly a 'back woods' car and I really stand out in town, which is a sea of dinged up 20 year old pickup trucks and Jeeps.

Fortunately, as soon as I get the WarWagon up and running I'll be able to blend in even better… That and be able to get out of my driveway between October and March. 🙂

And with that, I should get some breakfast and get on the road for another day at work.