Of roofs and rent…

The new lease for the townhouse arrived the other day, because I have to give them 60 days notice. So I need to accept or refuse the new lease by January 6th for the March 6th deadline.

It’s already been most of a year? Time definitely flies…

Anyway, the complex was sold to some new company a couple months back. This has, of course, come with certain changes — some good (hopefully), and some bad.

The good stuff is that it sounds like the new company might actually start enforcing a few rules around here, like people cleaning up after their dogs and not parking in front of the garages at night.

The latter is a problem because all of the garages face each other across a fairly narrow driveway, and when someone parks out there, the rest of us with anything bigger than a bicycle have a hard time getting out.

The down-side is they’re raising the rent $150 a month; from $1890 to $2040. And while this wouldn’t be too bad, by the time they get done with ‘grounds fees’, ‘storm drain fees’, ‘trash fees’, ‘common area gas, electric, water and sewer fees’, ‘pest control fees’, ‘administration fees’ and even ‘payment processing fees’, that $1890 turns into about $2200. So I’m guessing $2040 will work out to about $2500 a month — or $625 a paycheck just to keep a roof over my head.

My CFO / real estate mogul is still working on the details for the place I mentioned a while back, and says to give him 10 more days to work it out — but even then it’ll still be close to $2500 a month… Though in a larger, nicer place.

It’s just getting too darn expensive to live in Denver.