Of Siamese cats…

Well, a new roommate arrived today in the form of a male three year old seal-point ragdoll mix cat named “Marshal”.

Marshal was picked up from “PetsMart” tonight after an intense telephone interview, a $75 donation, another $100 of 'cat stuff', and a rather uneventful trip in the cat carrier.

Right now he's meandering about the condo like he owns the place. So far he's proven to be extremely friendly; flopping about on the floor, tail thrashing, and purring like a well tuned V8 whenever petted.

He's very much the image of the stereo-typical Siamese; bright blue eyes, long flowing movements, and a very active and quite strong tail that'll knock anything you aren't expecting to be toppled over in a heartbeat.

He and Zeze have already made friends with Marshal camped on Zeze's lap and watching TV, then wandering off and 'breadboxing' under the couch where Zeze sits.

All in all, Marshal is a great example of the breed and seems like he'll make an excellent roommate.

I'll have a few photos up as soon as Marshal is really settled in.