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Of WarWagons and Winter…

Yesterday I purchased the new intake and carburetor for the WarWagon… An Edelbrock Performer intake and 1405 600cfm carb.

The big-box-o-stuff should be here tomorrow, but I don't see the weather being warm enough to install it all for a while – It was -14 here yesterday morning and I think it's about -10 right now.

Believe it or not, I'm actually hoping it gets colder… We need 48 hours of -20 to kill off most of the pine beetles which are destroying the forests up here.

The house is working well in the cold. The foot thick walls hold heat quite well and so far we've only needed to run the one fireplace to keep it about 60 inside. Zeze went and bought an electric matress pad and Kalira still runs around half naked and ends every sentence with “I'm cold”, but it looks like they'll survive. Max is actually proving to be the most rugged of the three…

Due to the low tolerances they've burned up most of the wood we had stockpiled. I need to see how much it will cost me to get some cut/dried delivered… Now that winter is here, probably a lot.

See, fireboxes are designed to run on coals, and due to the way the carburetion works, they'll take 3-4 logs and make heat with them for 8-10 hours… Unfortunately my 'city folk' roommates don't figure things are working if it isn't a roaring fire – which does a wonderful job of blowing all the heat out the chimney and burning 5 pounds of wood per hour. Flames are all infra-red heat and, well, on the other side of a cast iron door that doesn't do much.

What do they teach these kids in school these days?

Zeze did overclock the main firebox a bit by adding these very loud server fans to the air intake for the surround – which is an enclosed airspace around the firebox which uses convection to pull cold air in the bottom and blow hot air out the top. This increased the efficiency of heating for the living areas of the house, but it sounds like a server room in here all night.

Well, that's about it for this update. Stay warm and safe out there.