Oh sure! But what's the speed of dark?

It is officially winter time here in Colorado. Sunday’s snow was the starting pistol and Monday’s roads and traffic were the obstacle course… The roads weren’t all that bad, but just in case I took Evans across to Iliff and into Aurora to avoid places where people would be tempted to drive entirely too fast.

I was almost erased by an RTD (Reason To Drive) bus as it slid from it’s lane into mine, which was the only real mishap on the way to work. As I always say, never skimp on your tires. Those new All Seasons I had put on the Toyota at over $100 a piece did their job and I was able to scoot out of the way with relative ease.

The roads were icy and snow packed, but very passable until I got out to Aurora where Jae is house sitting… The house he’s watching is out in the plains, out past Aurora, and therefore doesn’t warrant street plowing. The little Toyota was fording streams door deep and snow drifts higher than the fenders, but we got there, got him, and got out with little trouble.

Once back in civilization, Jae bought me breakfast at “Rosie's” diner not half a block from work. While we packed away a huge breakfast we watched folks out on the streets sliding around, running into things, and doing 360’s in the middle of intersections… It was some bizarre ice ballet with cars. One fellow slid around and smacked a light pole or something and dented the passenger’s side rear quarter panel right into the back tire. I felt sorry for him as he stood out in the snow and bent the fender back out with a pair of pliers… What made it worse was when we noticed he still temporary plates on the car.

Other than that it was a pretty routine day and while I was happy to get back home (Scales was still MIA), once I was sitting here in the peace and quiet, with a fire going in the fireplace, I started to nod off. So I went to bed at about 8…

And that was my day. 🙂

And now I have to get rolling so I can go pick up Jae again and have another fun day at work.