I’ve been *very* busy with the move of the store and as such have been ignoring both my in-box and the journal here. With this move I’ve discovered whole sections of my body that I didn’t even know existed, let alone could hurt… Want to do something big? Try moving a 2700 pound safe some time.

Anyways, I’ll attempt to remedy this communication oversight this evening. Stay tuned for a flood of overdue emails dear readers.

So, on to the latest news and views:

• Tonight is a big event cosmologically with the total lunar eclipse *and* a pretty decent planetary alignment happening at the same time. Wolf was kind enough to remind me of this (I’ve been so busy I’m forgetting a lot) and I’ll post some links for others who might be interested:

• I’ve discovered that “big iron” computers can save your life. No, really. Winter has finally come to the high country and so the roads have become icy in the evenings. Well, to make a long story short, I had my ALR 6×6 fileserver in the trunk of the Lincoln along with its external drive cages in the back seat and that extra weight allowed me to steer out of a pretty bad spin to avoid another car that was out of control. Let’s hear it for computers so heavy they have casters!

• I’ve finally gotten to see the entire series for “Taken”… Went out and bought the 6 DVD set 4-5 days ago. It’s pretty good; if you haven’t seen it, do so.

Well, that’s about it for news. Like I mentioned above, I’ve been lifting and hauling for the last week and a half and have simply been too pooped to do much more than stare at the TV of an evening. Fortunately tomorrow should be the final move day where I pack out the last of the trash and turn the keys over to the land-lady. Once that is done I’m taking a week off before we start building the new store. Hopefully we’ll be open for business December 1st!

Take it easy out there in ‘net land…