On heroes and villains…

Jae and I are taking a well deserved break from ‘World of Warcraft’ and are playing with ‘City of Heroes’ (CoH) and its companion ‘City of Villains’ (CoV). I’m more playing CoH just to figure the thing out before CoV comes out on the 31st…

Now, the whole reason I’m looking forward to CoV is because I’ll get to let ol’ Raeshlavik out to play in his natural environment. In CoV one gets to build their own secret lair of evil (complete with traps, defensive weapons, and an interior design that really says something about the character) and defend it against the forces of good from CoH, gather minions and henchmen to work for you, and eventually take over the city and become the arch villain… I’m pretty sure Ravik has already won this game and it’s not even available yet. 🙂

Well, that’s not entirety true… I’m in both the beta test and the stress tests for CoV and therefore Ravik is getting a head start on the general population. But that is as it should be I figure.

Last night Jae and I wreaked havoc on the gangs of Paragon City with a fire mage and an ice mage, which was fun.

Our main ‘heroic’ characters are a scrapper/defender team with decidedly WWII-era flair: Jae’s character is a sword wielding refugee from an Indiana Jones movie, complete with fedora, leather vest and flared pilot’s pants tucked into combat boots. His name is Joe Coda and is a private investigator. Meanwhile the defender I’m playing is a radiation powered healer who is very reminiscent of ‘Polly Perkins’ from the ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ movie named ‘Alicia Parks’ and is Joe’s assistant in the investigation business.

Anyways, the characters picked up their abilities during one of Joe’s better paying jobs where they had to recover this odd idol for an equally odd little man. The idol was of course highly magical and due to a turn of events the characters were infused with this power. So their over-arching plot line is to discover the identity of this odd little fellow and why he was interested in this artifact.

And with that I’m out of time and have to run off to work. I’ll post more about our adventures when time permits.

Have a great day everyone.