On the clock…

I have once again joined the illustrious members of the working class… Friday I submitted my resume to a company here in Aurora that specializes in QA testing of software and performance testing of commercial web sites.

Today I had an interview at 10, and by 11 I was working on the QA process for a new video game. Monday I'll be taking over the performance testing arm of the company, which is what I was actually hired for. The performance testing side of the house should be a lot of fun as I'll get to break things, albeit programmatically, but it's still breaking things.

The two best parts about working with this company is that it's exactly 5 minutes away even in rush hour traffic, and the people there are so laid back that if they were any more laid back they'd be dead… I was told by the secretary that it was a casual place, but wow. And there isn't any stress to be found anywhere.

This is such a nice change of pace from the contractor stuff I'm used to and the software/network sweatshops I've been run though for years now.

Anywho. Once I get Wolf's computer back up and running I'll be heading for bed… Windows XP shit the bed on her the other day due in part to the addition of a wireless card and the drivers being problematic. It's so nice to see a bad driver rip an entire OS apart over a 48 hour period.

Again, I know it makes certain people paranoid, but I really do like my Mac.

Speaking of Mac, I'll be doing some QA for a few upcoming OSX games… I can't say which ones or even what they're about, but it brings a smile to my face to be able to provide a service that makes publishers happier to make a port to OSX.

And with that I have to go download about 700 megs of patches for XP… Bleh.

G'nite all.

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