On the road again…

I'm always the gypsy…

That's a good thing because in my opinion people in general need to be less into their “things” and more into their “life”. Get out there and see the world!

For example, I moved from Avon to Denver yesterday and all of my worldly possessions fit nicely into two cardboard boxes which fit in the back seat of my Toyota, a very full garment bag which sits on top of the boxes, a plastic filing cabinet full of computer stuff (the $7 one from Sprawl-Mart) which goes in the trunk along with my suitcases, which are currently holding my 30-something pounds of artwork, supplies, and books.

To do this move requires about an hour of packing, meaning I get up late Saturday morning (10am) and hit the road by noon.

I figure I got this way because I was in the Navy almost immediately after High School and you spend most of your time in the Navy living out of a sea-bag. Not that this is a bad thing, you just learn to appreciate the smallest, highest quality electronic gizmos you can afford… There is *no* spare room on a submarine so I've always had the top of the line Walkman or other portable music gizmo, audiophile headphones, and whatnot.

So, as you can see, I'm really digging this trend towards extremely powerful laptops. I used to have to move this big PC, 19+ inch monitor, sack of wires, sack of interface devices, several peripherals, etc. every time my wanderlust kicked in. Now I stick the laptop and it's power supply into my briefcase and the few external things into a bag and I'm on the road… I like it.

Well, that and being able to check my email from any subdivision as there are always 4-5 open 802.11 routers in any large group of homes these days.

So, anyways, the point of this post is that I'm living in Denver now, or at least till my wanderlust kicks in again and I move somewhere else in Colorado.


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