One down…

Well, I'm fast approaching a week at the company and I have to say this is the most fun I've ever had and gotten paid for it.

I can't say much about what I'm doing do to all of the confidentiality agreements between the customers and us, but I'm working with some pretty cool stuff.

I can say I'm working on a racing game right now, which has some real industry leading features (and a few dumb things as they all do), but what's most humorous about it is that after 8+ hours of working with it, I really have to hold back from driving my Toyota like the cars in the game. Your reaction time gets so ramped up from directly linking your eyes to your hands all day that traffic on the highway seems like it's going about 15 MPH.

There's also this tactical simulation we're working on that is just amazing… And unbelievably realistic. Too bad both of these games require pinnacle technology right now, which should be mid-high end by Xmas.

Well, Wolf just came home so I should shut down the music and head for the basement.

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