One more for the road…

I got to experience “fondue” for the first time last night. It was a multi-course affair that started with raw veggies and cheeses and ended with cubed steak and mushrooms in a nice beef broth. I was personally fonder of the meat/mushroom/broth part but the whole thing was quite good.

What I think is the neatest aspect of the whole “fondue experience” is that the Swiss designed it to be a social affair wherein everyone sits around a simmering pot of stuff with long poky-things and chats (or in our case, games) whilst the food cooks. I can see why the event was quite popular in the 70’s as it was a very social decade.

Today will be my last day here at Lyon and Wolf’s place because I have to be up on my mountain and back at work tomorrow morning. My transportation back up the mountain is a bit of a mystery yet as the USS Lincoln is still in the shop, Larry who was supposed to be here in Denver yesterday never made it, Lynx has offered to drive me back up which will be a religious experience (chuckle), and if all else fails Lyon will take me back up. I’ll make it, just not sure how yet. If Larry postponed for a day and will be here today, that’s the best option as he has to go there anyways and it won’t be a 200 mile round trip for someone just because of me.

All in all this has been the best Yule/Christmas holiday I’ve had since the age of 16 when I left home and never looked back. This holiday season had humor and revelry, new stuff to experience, old friends, and things to remember… It was really a great time and it’s great to have friends like Lyon and Wolf who took me in to their house and shared the holidays with me.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

And with that I’m going to pack up my stuff and the holiday loot I received, and see about getting home.