One more time — with feeling

At precisely 06:07 this morning I managed to arrive at 52 years of age.

I celebrated by going over to the new house and reverse-engineering Centurylink’s fiber access methodology that they use with their POS rent-a-router, and then replicating it with a Cisco RV340.

All in all it took me about an hour to ferret out the mechanics of their security through obscurity… It’s a PPPoE login (, the connection is using 6RD for IPv6 tunneling, and they send everything over a tagged VLAN (201).

Once that was working I put the Amplifi Alien into bridge mode and did a speed test from the touchscreen on it; 941Mbit down and 894Mbit up.

It’ll do.

For my birthday my roommate is having Chili’s delivered, so I’m getting a “Chiliburger” with street corn for lunch. Mmmmm!

And here’s another picture from the new house:

This is looking south along the fronts of my neighbor’s houses.

It’s really weird to not have a street in front of the house… All that’s out there is our sidewalk, and there’s a foot-path about 5 feet below that retaining wall. Other than that, it’s just an open-space full of trees and critters.

The songbirds out there are pretty amazing; I could listen to that for hours.