One step closer to being a Coloradan again…

Believe it or not, getting the plates put on the car was astonishingly painless. Sure, I needed two forms of ID, a current DNA sample, and there was this odd paper I had to sign in blood… But I now have Colorado plates on my car.

Beyond that it was just another day at work. Jae and I went over to Microcenter to tempt ourselves with all sorts of gizmos we didn’t need, but sure would like to have.

I keep looking at this absolutely huge computer case that I might transplant all of my current gear into. It’s a $200 case, but it’s so large that no matter what direction PC hardware goes, I’ll never have to buy a different case.

After that I picked up about $200 worth of groceries, which included this very ‘nerd’ toaster… It’s stainless steel and looks like a circa 1950’s toaster, but it’s all digital on the front and has lots of LEDs. 🙂

Anyways, I have to head for work. Have a great day out there folks!