Partly Cloudy

Last night, after two weeks of simply trying to get employees to log into so that I know they’ll have access when the the mail host changes, I flipped the MX record for my company domain.

While the global DNS was updating, I ran another sync between O365 and Google to catch all of the user-land emails that had happened since the first run. This was fairly quick, save for the marketing director who seems to measure his self-worth by how many emails he has in his account…

The first sync moved about 65,000 of his emails, but was just a proof of concept and was stopped before it finished. The second run last evening moved another 85,000-ish emails over a six hour period.

Meanwhile I have email in my company account going all the way back to 2004 when I started at the company – and there are a bit over 8000 emails in there.

I clearly don’t do enough “work” by sales standards. 🙂

For my own site here I removed all of the old posts and redid the import with a fix for pulling images from external sites… The XML export from LiveJournal randomly put <IMG> calls in single-quotes, and I was expecting double-quotes, so a bunch of attached images didn’t make it in the first import.

I think everything is there now. I’ll be going through over the next week or two and cleaning them all up as far as tags and whatnot.

I’m also still poking around the core WordPress functionality… One thing I’m missing is the ‘listening’ element from Livejournal. I enjoy looking back over the years and seeing what music I was into at the time.

I’m sure I’ll find something… Or maybe I’ll just write something.