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Back in the old west, your choice of firearm said a lot about you; peacemakers for gun slingers, lever action rifles for ranchers, single-action army revolvers for the law, and bolt-action big-game hunters…

Here in the digital frontier, I like to think a person’s choice of keyboard and/or mouse says similar; gamer, wage-slave, black hat, corpo-hacker, etcetera.

Take my setup for example: Azio “MK Hue” mechanical keyboard and Logitech’s cheapest gaming mouse is telling the world I spend a lot of time at a desk, in a terminal session, in a dark room all by myself (wired peripherals that don’t move, white backlit keys, and no one to complain about CLACKITY CLACK) and my mouse needs are slightly more than basic point and click… I’m probably a corporate network-shaman.

My iMac came with a wireless keyboard and mouse from Apple, and I’d never even taken them out of the box until a few days ago – so I figured I’d give them a whirl to see how life as a true Apple user was.

Dear lord…

The default Apple keyboard is atrocious. No key travel, cramped layout, no tactile or audible feedback – and it’s tiny and weighs nothing… It might be useful for a TV remote or something.

The mouse is even worse… It’s too small, shaped poorly (like half a bar of “Dove” soap), the optics are on the top edge so it no longer sees the mousepad long before you feel you’ve left the mousepad – so it stops working randomly, and the charge port is on the bottom – so you simply can’t charge and use at the same time.

The touch-pad top of the mouse is pretty neat though…

Basically the OEM Apple keyboard and mouse is telling the world “I don’t really use a computer, I bought this to look good in my home office and make people think I’m hip”.

Anyway, I’m back to my Azio and Logitech – but it’s good to see how other folks live on occasion… And if you’re still using the OEM Apple peripherals; self-flagellation won’t score you any bonus points with the ghost of Steve Jobs – do yourself a favor and buy some real peripherals. 🙂

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