Today’s post is just me thinking out loud.

When I was younger, the adage was always ‘if you don’t like it, change the channel’… The world was full of things you may not have liked, or even agreed with, but the variation was what gave the world texture so you just moved on and did your own thing.

These days it seems like everyone is either 110% for or 150% against, and if they are against, it’s a moral imperative to utterly destroy that opposing opinion entirely. It’s almost like “facts” are so thin these days that even the slightest opposing scrutiny can tear down the house of cards, so said scrutiny is immediately de-platformed and silenced whenever encountered.

Everything has an almost religious fervor to it; black, white – and nothing else. There is no such thing as a gray area now, because gray areas take constant evaluation and thinking is hard.

Take the current covid vaccine issue for example. These days we’re not allowed to be even slightly skeptical of the lack of evaluation, lack of accountability, or lack of transparency of the thing without being instantly labeled an “Anti-Vaxxer”.

I am apparently an “Anti-Vaxxer”, even though I’m up to date on things like tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis, etc., and I even get my flu shot every year. When I went into the Navy they literally shot me up with everything they could find under the sink, and I don’t have a third arm or anything…

But heaven forbid that I find the current crop of covid vaccines a bit suspect, because if I do, I’m clearly some sort of backwards hillbilly who also thinks the earth is flat. And I certainly have no business being able to discuss that opinion because it’s just “wrong” and therefore verboten.

The reality is I spend a couple hours a day reading the latest pros and cons of the current mRNA treatments, and in every instance that I’ve been ‘called out’ for not being dosed up I’ve been way more informed than my detractor.

The best they can do is tell me that my info didn’t come from their media outlet of choice, so is therefore a debunked conspiracy theory… Even though I’m quoting peer reviewed papers, scientifically sound and replicable testing, and in some cases the actual guy who invented their mRNA god.

I usually feel like I’m back in the dark ages and trying to explain that there are alternatives to leeches and being told I’m a heretic for thinking such nonsense…

Yesterday I was talking to my CEO, who was an anesthesiologist ages ago and was therefore an actual doctor ages ago, and the subject of vaccines came up…

He asked, “You’re vaccinated, right?”

I said “not yet” and that I was waiting for phase three trials to complete. This almost stopped him as he clearly didn’t know that phase three isn’t over yet – but he still launched into a short finger wagging session where he reminded me that he’s an actual doctor and that I was being irresponsible for not accepting mRNA as my lord and savior. He conflated resistance to mRNA technology to being okay with food additives… “You eat hotdogs that are full of chemicals, and are worried about the vaccine?”

My response was simply, “You’re right, your the doc, doc… How do you neutralize mRNA technology? If I get sick from some chemical in a hotdog, there is a mechanism to remove that chemical from the body by chelation or neutralization. How do you do that with mRNA technology?”

This is the reason it was a short session – there is no answer for that question – so he changed the subject and left me be.

And he’s actually a doctor… Like I said, dark ages…