Population Woes…

Well, happy Ostara, Vernal Equinox, Easter, whatever! It's officially Spring today!

Here in Virginia Ostara marks the day where it ceases to be cold and wet and starts to become hot and wet… Tomorrow will see temperatures in the high 70's and around 90 percent humidity I'm sure. Though this won't do a thing for keeping people home and off the streets.

Last night, after work, Zeze and I decided to go out and grab a bite to eat. After driving by in awe of the lines of people waiting to get into the 50+ restaurants in the area we eventually settled on Denny's… After all, none of the newer residents of Fredericksburg; DC's newest bedroom community, would stoop as low as to eat at a lowly Denny's right?

We got there and wound up waiting about 15 minutes for a table and having dinner with about 100 of our closest friends… At Denny's!

It's scary just how many people live here now. They're building a sort of beltway around FBerg to ease some of the traffic congestion, but I don't see it achieving much. Last night the 5.7 mile trip from the shop to home took nearly forty five minutes simply because we have to drive a few miles down route 3.

Now, I would normally chalk this up to being a Friday Night occurrence, but traffic is just as bad on Tuesdays during the day.

Of course when the traffic density gets that high, humans in general seem to devolve into poo-throwing apes really easy and last night was no different…

I'm from Colorado and while everyone in Colorado tends to drive really fast, they also tend to do it safely for the most part… Something about twisty mountain roads, sudden walls of solid granite, and 800 foot drops off of blind curves I think. Sure, there are some mental midgets in the cities who ruin it for everyone else and everyone I know there, including myself, likes to bitch about them; compared to the sapes here, they are nothing.

Anyways, I like to leave a bit of distance between the car in front of me and myself to act as a moron-buffer. This also serves to simultaneously piss off the car behind me as they seem to think I'm adding hours to their trip with that 20 foot space, and causes vehicles four lanes away to suddenly accelerate madly, swerve into that spot, and slam on the brakes.

I think from here on out I'm going to let Zeze, who grew up in the DC area, drive…