Postcards from the edge…

Well, there is a little blue sky showing up there and the sun is peeking out on occasion. The snow seems to have abated for the nonce and I will attempt to get the USS Lincoln out of the parking lot at the shop today. My first stop will be Napa to get a new battery for the Wagoneer so that I don’t have this problem again.

Right now I’m waiting for Jack to show up and give me a ride over there.

Last night was beautiful and I was up till about 2 am trying to draw what I was seeing. The sky was perfectly clear (so it was *COLD* out there) and the moon was very bright. With all of the recent snow clinging to everything and all the people holed up in their houses with flickering fireplaces, the whole world looked like a massive Christmas card. Everything was a remarkable shade of blue to white and everything with an edge sparkled like it was dusted with diamonds.

It was truly beautiful.

Well, the water is boiling for my morning tea so I’d better run and get it before Jack gets here.

Have a great day out there.