PowerBook 165c (Back in the 90’s…)

This morning’s bit of computer wizardry was bringing an Apple Powerbook 165c back to life.

System 7.1, circa 1992… The first Macintosh OS you actually had to purchase.

The interesting thing with the 165c is it was the very first laptop with a 256 color display, and said display is a 9 inch 640×400 passive LCD.

As an aside, making a laptop with bezels this large here in 2020 would be a war crime.

This 165c has 8MB of ram and a 120MB HD (That’s megabytes — the average photo out of a modern iPhone is a bit less than 5MB, so you can fit about 25 photos on this drive). And the HD still works, which is kind of amazing for being a 27 year old moving part.

In 1993 when these came out they were around $3400, which is roughly $6000 in today’s money — and that’s pretty expensive no matter what era you’re from.

This one needed a diode replaced on the mainboard, which with equipment this old is an easy fix… Said diode is actually visible without a magnifying glass and can be reworked with a standard soldering iron.

Once it was working I fired up Crystal Caliburn on it for fun…

Mmmm... Electronic Pinball.
Mmmm… Electronic Pinball.