Range Time

Just got back from the local gun range where I got to spend some quality time with my 45-70 and some legitimate MOA targets at 50 yards.

My Henry 45-70 lever on lane 12 at the local range

I put 20 rounds of 405 grain downrange over about an hour period to dial in the scope, and I can sure feel it in my shoulder. There were quite a few questions about the gun, especially after the first round; it shakes dust off the rafters when it goes off.

Anyway, the local range is really nice and laid back, and wasn’t super busy. It’s in the middle of Cherry Creek State Park, so you have to pay to get into the park ($11) and then pay for your range time ($22), and that apparently dissuades folks.

Speaking of, I got my range time for $18 versus $22 because I’m former Navy – that was nice of them.

Also, the range has a hotdog / sausage vendor on-site called “Top Dog”, and he sells game meat sausages and whatnot…

I had the elk cheddar and jalapeƱo sausage and it was incredible… I might have to drive over here for lunch on occasion.

Anyway, I got a 1-year pass for the park while I was there – because while I’d never been to Cherry Creek State Park before, it was really nice and I can tell I’ll be visiting often enough to make the $83 worth it.

But now I’m home and really should clean the rifle before packing it away for a week or two…

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