Rap: Rythmic Talking That Rhymes With Crap…

Yours truly is the proud recipient of some new neighbors as of Friday… Last night the eldest son, in an apparent fit of rage, sat out in his $40,000 jeep and played bad rap at volumes that made my windows shake from a little after 11 till around midnight. See, All of our parking and garages are in the back of the house, and the neighbor's spaces are about 30 feet from my bedroom windows… I can look out of my window and down on their cars or at their balcony.

I was annoyed, sure, but I also figured he'd get it out of his system and go back inside 'better'… Better in the typical human is pretty subjective, but I can hope right?

He lucked out as he'd gotten most of it out of his system and turned it off just as a FBerg officer came around the corner. The neighbor kid ducked down in the driver's seat as the officer drove past; I can see all of this from my vantage point.

The officer parks behind the kid's jeep, gets out, and walks over to the other side of the parking lot then around a unit to the front side. The neighbor kid takes this as his chance and jumps out of the jeep, closes the door as quietly as possible, and sneaks inside.

When the officer returns he's telling dispatch that there's nothing going on here, gets back into his cruiser, and takes off.

Shortly thereafter the neighbor kid's friends arrive and they spend the rest of the night inside with the stereo blaring…

I don't get it… I would never sit outside an apartment complex with the stereo cranked up to the point the license plates rattled and the music was clear at a hundred yards; no matter what I was listening to, what time it was, or what age I happened to be. I also go out of my way to not annoy my neighbors and always have; to the point that I'd constantly be telling groups of gamers at my place to tone it down or taking them all to Denny's or some such where loud is ok.

Is this just another example of not being conscious of the world around them? Or is it that they just don't care?

Maybe he was just demonstrating his control over the neighborhood by being able to subject us all to what 'he' thinks is cool; a simple primate power thing…

Well, whatever it is, it's less than pleasant. I could just call the police like someone else obviously did, but the neighbor kid was already overheard telling his friends that “the cops showed up, probably because of that fucker next door”… I guess that should remove any pretense for me calling the police next time as it's already believed that I have.

I hate people.

I really need to go get me one of those “Mean People Suck” bumper stickers and cut the mean off of it before putting it on the Honda. I also like the “We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?” stickers I've seen at a few gas stations around here.

I already have a few on there; one that says “zero tolerance for zero intelligence” and the other says “prevent inbreeding, ban country music”… The second one is pretty funny simply for all of the mutant smiley faces on it; one has three eyes, another is co-joined smilies sharing a single eye… Funny stuff.

The second bumper sticker is especially appropriate here in FBerg where there are 6 FM radio stations: 2 are religious, 3 are country and the last one is punk/industrial metal 24/7. Needless to say I don't listen to the radio much here.

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