Real stupidity beats artifical intelligence every time.

Ok, I’m back. It’s been a long, hard week up here in the thin air.

There’s nothing of any real merit to report, so I’ll just babble incoherently for a while; which I tend to do even if I’m not writing in the old journal here.

It looks as if it is school season again for just about everyone I know. Aryntha and Rai are both in classes down at CSU now, Lyon is deep in his medical training, ZeZe is in training for a teaching position, I’m heading back east to do my teaching gig again, and now Lynx is heading off to a technical school for CCNA and MCSE.

I wish him luck. This will be tough for Lynx, but I think he’ll do well.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I got a new digital camera yesterday… The story behind it is pretty good. See, a few days ago this guy came into the shop wanting to sell me a brand new Sony MVC-CD350, still in the box. He’s a ski-bum and had bought the camera from Wal-Mart, tossed the receipt, and run out of money for a lift ticket. Wal-Mart wouldn’t take the camera back without a receipt so he was screwed… Well, I bought the camera off him for $100. He wasn’t extremely happy with this as he bought the camera for $400 and wanted at least $300, but he went for it anyways. It’s not like I was purposely trying to screw with the guy, all I had on me was $108 dollars and some change.

I played with the camera a bit and while the “picture directly to CD” thing is pretty neat, Sony really should add some ram to the cam so that you can take more than one picture before waiting the 30 seconds for the CD to finish writing.

Cut to yesterday; I took the Sony, in the box, over to Wal-Mart. The Wal-Folks know me pretty well because I’m always buying big ticket tech stuff from them and continually having to return it because some ape in the back dropped it off the top shelf or something. So I trundle in with the box, the lady at the customer service counter sighs audibly, and I get a $400 credit on the camera without having to say a word. So I turn around, add $100 from my wallet and buy a brand new Casio EX-Z4 complete with 256meg SD memory card…

$500 camera, $200 cost.

Now, if things hold true for me, because I got away with this something bad will happen to me to counter the effect… At least I know it’s coming though.

That’s about it from the Colorado High Country Unicorn Sanctuary and Flop House. I’ll talk to you later.

Take it easy out there…