Reality is a harsh mistress

The movers don’t get here until the 17th, so being as my bed, desk, and other large furniture is still here in the townhouse — so am I.

With the area being bought up by some new property conglomerate a few months ago, the rents have skyrocketed and lots of people have either moved out, or like me are in the process of moving out. This has had an interesting effect in that there are also a lot of new people moving in — and with one or two Virginia and Utah exceptions, they’re all from California.

The number of cars in the neighborhood with California plates now makes the place look like Colorado is just visiting from out of state.

Take the folks who moved in right next door a couple weeks ago. I kind of profiled them as being from the left coast at first glance; hipster haircuts, ironic beards, high maintenance dog, etc, etc…

But this morning my suspicion was proven correct when one of them pulled out of their garage in one of their matching Prius’ as I was pulling out too. I then followed them out of the complex, slowly, because they would get stuck every time they came to a stop because it’s been snowing on and off for a couple of days…

And, yes, California plates.

A little while later someone else who parked their Mini outside had a hard time starting it (it’s -10 F out there), so once the engine finally caught they sat there and revved it over and over. I’m guessing to warm it up? Anyway, there’s this thin blue haze in the air now and I think they killed the car as it’s is still there, but turned off…

And, yes, California plates.

Now, I’m not super militant about people moving in from out of state — it happens and, yeah, Colorado is a pretty nice place. I just expect two things:

1: Colorado has these things we call seasons, and half of the year it’s not 72 and sunny — so read up on this ‘winter’ phenomena… And ditch the high-MPG plastic wheels and buy some decent all-season tires. Yes, I know it will impact your carbon footprint because it’ll lower your MPG slightly — but you also won’t cause traffic jams every time it snows.

2: Don’t move here from the governmental dumpster-fire that is California, and then vote for turning Colorado into another dumpster fire… Please learn from your mistakes and don’t assume you did it wrong and just need to try again. You don’t, we’re fine, enjoy the scenery.