Rifle, part 2

Anyone who tells you it’s too easy to buy a gun, especially right now, has never bought a gun… It’s a simple eight step process that can take a week or two to complete:

Step one: Find a weapon you would like to purchase and then locate somewhere to purchase it from.

Step two: It won’t be in stock because of zombies and riots, so you need to pay for the gun so that your local gun store will order it, and then wait 5-7 days for it to arrive.

Step three: As soon as they get one in stock, drive down to examine the weapon you purchased. 

Step four: Once satisfied, produce a government ID to prove who you are and where you live. In my case I also needed to provide the title for my Vespa because I’d moved and Colorado doesn’t re-print driver’s licenses or titles for address changes — you just write the new address on the back, which isn’t good enough. The Vespa was titled to the new address and as such is an acceptable government issued proof of said address.

Step five: Once you prove who you are to the store, you can then pay the $25 transfer fee for the store to transfer their weapon into your possession, which is required for the background check.

Step six: Fill out ATF Form 4473.

Step seven: Wait another day or two for the background check to come back.

Step eight: Return to the store and take delivery of your new gun.

I’m currently at step seven…

Things have definitely changed since I ran that pawn shop in Vail — we used to do all of the above in 15 minutes. But that was long before zombies and riots…