Roadtrip 3…

Ok, in “Roadtrip 1” I took Zeze on a beginner level tower hunting excursion to a few sites located within a few miles of home and also within a few miles of a major highway… These sites weren't anything too special, just your common Long Lines relays.

“Roadtrip 2” introduced Zeze to intermediate level tower hunting as we trekked across the deeps of Maryland looking for elusive GEP toped towers and major cold war switching centers.

“Roadtrip 3”, which is scheduled for 7am tomorrow, will show Zeze advanced level tower hunting as we cover over 700 miles from West Virginia though Pennsylvania and into New Jersey. We will be hunting several of the original concrete towers of the first transcontinental microwave route which ran though Pennsylvania, into New Jersey, and ended in New York… Major telecom history here.

We will be armed two cameras this time; my EX-Z4 and a Sony MVC-CD500. I'll have my Garmin eTrex Legend on hand for positioning and mapping.

We will start off with a non-transcon site called OMPS which is in the north west corner of Virginia. OMPS is unique because of it's multiple towers and the amount of traffic it handled in it's day.

From OMPS we will head north and find Sideling Hill, Clarks Knob, Waggoners Gap, Hallam, New Holland, Thomas Hill, Wyndmoor, and Buckingham which are all in Pennsylvania. We will also be going a bit north east of Buckingham to Martinsville, the one Transcon site in New Jersey, before stopping for a well earned reward of White Castle burgers about two miles from the site.

From there, as it'll be around 7pm, we'll head back south to the townhouse. Our projected arrival time will be 11pm… A full day.

I'll post the results some time Saturday from work. 😉

Chris de BurghThe Revolution