Roanoak, the SecondLife sim

After announcing the event on the 12th to celebrate nine years of Gen4 MLP, I was approached by some two dozen people asking what would become of the Roanoak story…

You see, the world of Roanoak is quite vast and rather detailed, and there are places on the map that beg a lot of questions that the players never got to ask. On top of this there were several loose ends in a couple of major story arcs that left a lot of questions too!

Well, given the interest — and the fact there won’t be any more official material from Hasbro for some time to keep the fans afloat — I decided to bring Roanoak back from the mists for an encore performance…

The Morninglight town square

The view of Morgan Castle from Morninglight

The clock for Roanoak has been rolled forward 20 years from the retaking of the capital, and it has been a fairly peaceful 20 years full of prosperity for the Empire.

But things are afoot in the world, and that peace and prosperity is now threatened by shadowy actors… And it will fall to the players to discover these nefarious plans and put a stop to them!

Some of the old settings have made a return as well — such as the Royal Library…

Aurora enjoying a quiet moment in the Library at Morgan

It has taken me about a week to re-build everything; buildings, forests, ruins, etc. And last evening I got the database hooked to the new racials, skills, and perks tables and cleaned up. And the RP tool is working again as well!

The tool I use is really pretty fancy in that all of the characters and their stats, skills, inventory, etc. are kept in a database and the character ‘sheet’ is made available via the worn item. This allows a character’s pertinent details (name, status, health, etc.) to be displayed above the avatar’s head.

It makes Roanoak a bit like a cross between a tabletop roleplaying game, and an MMO. 🙂