Sailing the virtual seas

I spent most of my free time over the weekend in Second Life working on models, textures, and my island.

For a while now I’ve had a little 7-meter runabout that closely matched owning an actual boat; when you have a boat, you always want a bigger, better boat.

So, after a day of perusing demonstrators and test driving the latest and greatest offerings from the dozen or so top boat builders in SL – I got a bigger, better boat… And in my usual fashion I went to the other extreme.

I picked up an extremely high-tech 40-meter motor-yacht…

Fortunately my marina has a dock big enough for this beast… That’s Val on the fore-deck.

This yacht is so large it has a 6-seat theater in it, in addition to two staterooms, a kitchen / dining area, and an office.

And yes, it’s totally drivable. It’s got a top-speed of a bit over 20 knots and handles like you would expect a 30-foot wide, 130-foot long boat to handle… It’s definitely too big to take inland and is entirely an ocean-going vessel.

But, the guy who made it gave me a few of his other boats as well, and one was a 24-meter touring yacht which has become my go-to boat for boating adventures.

Wide open throttle and doing about 40 knots

I’ve done a couple of fairly long trips over the weekend with this boat; 45 minute each-way GTFO runs. And it’s a blast to cruise along the waterways of SL and ogle everyone’s mad 3D ambitions.

And speaking of mad 3D ambitions – here’s a current view of my island.

Home sweet home

I’m not 100% happy with the island’s design just yet – and chances are I never will be… I like to fiddle with things too much. That and the neighbors’ design sense leaves a lot to be desired.

But it’s a nice place to hang out and watch the sun set.

Speaking of neighbors; I asked Linden Lab to check on the status of the glow-in-the-dark wedding store next to my property and, yes, someone active in SL still owns it so they can’t sell it to me.

So, now I’m guessing it’s a memorial of some sort… There are a lot of those in SL.

See, SL lets your avatar be idyllic, mobile, and interactive even if you, the person at the keyboard, are not – so SL gets used by a lot of folks who aren’t doing so well in the real world.

They log in, find friends and perhaps even a relationship, and all too soon are gone – and those friends and relationships tend to ‘archive’ places and things associated with the departed. Which really says something for the power of a virtual world to bring people together.

Anyway, the mainland regions are dotted with circa early-2000’s builds that are really just memorials. And while Linden Lab won’t tell me anything other than ‘there’s an active account that owns it’ for privacy reasons, the newest thing on that property is from 2008 – so chances are it’s a memorial of some sort.

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