Saying goodbye to my beloved mountains…

Today I tossed my worldly posessions into Wolf's car and am leaving Avon for the unknown. I'll be at Wolf's place for a couple of days.

Friday I get on an airplane to Virginia, and Monday I'll be reviewing class materials before classes start in early March.

I'm giving Wolf my PC as it doesn't fit in a suitcase. I'm supposedly getting a new laptop when I get there, but I'll be offline for a few days while I get it and get it set up.

Wolf is also keeping a couple of small boxes for me until I either send for them or return to get them… Luckily I don't really have very much, and what I do have is just small senitmental things that pack easily. So I'm not taking up a lot of room.

It's depressing that this is what I'm used to; since I left home for the Navy in 86, I've essentially lived out of suitcases. I don't expect this trip to Virginia will do anthing to change this, but I'm willing to give anything a try.

I took a few photos of my mountains the other day for something to look at when I get homesick…