See things from all sides…

Ok, one more post for the night:

I just got back from a trip over to WalWorld to get the X:2 DVD for my evening entertainment and this struck me as funny:

Highway 6, between Dowd Junction and Eagle, has to be the only stretch of Highway in the US with a minimum IQ to drive. Seriously.

First there are the rotaries to negotiate which always succeed in confusing the out-of-towners and causing then to orbit some bronze horse statue for up to ten minutes. See, the locals don’t even slow down for the things having planned their merge timing, speed, and direction they want to go 30 seconds before they got there. Also, locals *never* use the inside lane which is unofficially reserved for the aforementioned orbiting flatlanders.

Second are the chaotic speed changes on the road. You get off the highway in Dowd Junction to a 45 mph speed limit around a few decent s-turns along the Eagle River and though the store row of Eagle-Vail. Then the speed limit suddenly drops to 30 for no apparent reason right as you cross under I-70 and back up to 45 about a mile later. Roughly 500 yards after the 45 zone it drops to 20 right before the 15 mph roundabout for WalWorld, then back to 45 through a school zone that might be set at 20 random times of the day for about 100 yards right in the middle. Then it’s 35 as you enter Avon, 15 around the Avon roundabout, back to 45 to Arrowhead where it goes up to 55 for about a half mile then back to 45 as you enter Edwards where its 35… This all happens in about 8 miles and is guaranteed to give out-of-towners a seizure as they try to get to Beaver Creek or Arrowhead to ski.