Slow weekend

Well, it promises to be a slow and relaxed weekend. Aryntha and Rai will be out of town, Lyon will be doing his clinicals Saturday and attending a scene function Saturday night along with another member of the gaming group. So we've collectively decided to skip this weekend as a group…

I'll hang out here in the hills and try to get my creativity in gear to do some art and writing.

Let's see, it's looking like the Mac version of EverQuest might not be dying after all. The fellow who runs EQMac managed to get ahold of a head honcho there at SOE and has been invited to the “summit meeting” regarding the goings on of the game.

I don't know why I really care as I routinely only get about ten minutes a week to do anything on the computer that isn't work related… I checked my total time playing since I bought the game back in March and my 9th level druid has a whopping five hours of played time on him… Ehe…

That makes me wonder if paying the $12.95 a month is really worth it.

In other news I got screwed by my bank out in Virginia… Wachovia. As one would expect of the money grubbing bastards, as soon as I'm 2000 miles away and unable to just run down the street and verbally berate them, they start messing with me: I had $50 deposited into the account for some ad work I did, in cash mind you, last friday morning. The web site showed the counter deposit Friday afternoon, and I bought gas and whatnot over the weekend which totaled far less than the money I had in the bank.

Tuesday I check and see a $30 charge for “Unavailable Funds” which dropped the account into the negatives. I get on the phone with them and discover that while the web site showed the deposit, they didn't actually get around to crediting me for the CASH deposit till Monday.


Ok, I get another $40 put into the account to cover the charges Tuesday. Well yesterday I check again and see ANOTHER $30 charge labeled as “Overdraft Charge” which has, again, dropped me into the negatives. I get on the phone again, and find out that they hit me with the first $30 before Monday which sucked up all my available funds, so the gas I bought Saturday was an overdraft. Well they waited till Thursday to hit me with that $30 charge.

Zeze just dropped another $30 in cash into the account this morning and I just cut up the damn bank card. Monday, when they get around to crediting the CASH I'm canceling the account.

Other than that, nothing of merit to report from here in the thin air. Take it easy out there.