Some like it hot…

Found a new chicken place yesterday called “Twisted Tenders” which is really good.

“Twisted Tenders” is a ‘virtual’ restaurant, meaning it only exists as a menu and you can only get their food via Doordash or UberEats. These ‘virtual’ places are typically just some other restaurant branching out a bit to keep the money coming in when no one really goes to restaurants anymore because of zombies.

Twisted Tenders, for example, is actually Old Chicago Pizza. Everything is made at the local Old Chicago, the delivery driver goes there to pick it up, and even the to-go packaging is Old Chicago labeled.

But the chicken is really, really good. And the sauce selection is equally good with things ranging from the standards of Buffalo, BBQ, and Ranch to more exotic things like cajun inspired, peppercorn parmesan, a tangy asian inspired sauce, and the token ‘hot’ offering.

The sauces all have highly entertaining names too, “Crazy Rich Asian”, “Free Range Ranch”, “Voodoo” (the cajun variant), “Son of a B!” (a horseradish/honey based sauce), and even “Dr. Assburn” – the hot sauce, of course.

As I’ve mentioned previously; I’m a fan of hot and spicy stuff – as long as it’s flavorful. There are hot sauces out there that literally just taste like burning, and those don’t enthuse me much. But something with a good flavor that can still incite a good sweat is an easy win for me.

Dr. Assburn is right on the line for me. It’s flavorful, but it’s also apocalyptically hot.

Now, all of these sauces appear to be hand-made, so it may not be the same every time. But my first encounter was good, and even my super picky roommate liked the chicken. So there’s that.