Sometimes it's good to be evil…

I usually play a character who was conceived almost 15 years ago named Raeshlavik. Ravik is really quite an interesting character with reams of back-story created over the years. He’s actually an ancient construct created by unknown forces for an unknown purpose (that’s the public version). He appears, when not in his human guise, to be an immense black unicorn bearing upon his brow not the simple twisted ivory spire commonly attributed to unicorns, but rather a razor sharp four sided spike of blackened crystal.

A long time ago Chaos sought to enter this plane but was thwarted in the fact that it could not manifest itself here. It is an extraplanar force, and while it could cause small effects and create small problems, it was otherwise held in check. This angered Chaos for its enemy, Order, had discovered a way to enlist beings of this plane to its cause and give them the ability to tap its powers to combat the minor evils Chaos created. The most powerful forces Order had were the true unicorns, travelers of the planes, and a select group of humanoids known as Keepers.

In a flash of insight, Ravik was created by Chaos by taking half the essence of a unicorn it had captured named “Flinthorn” and twisting it, corrupting it, mixing it with equal portions of itself. Thusly Chaos had found a way to manifest a small portion of itself in this plane of existence.

Ravik was created to be a simple killing machine; a sort of biological bullet sent to eliminate key personnel deemed to be useful to the forces of Order. After many successful assassinations he was sent after a very powerful force for Order, a Keeper named Billy Rae MacIntosh. This person, much to Ravik’s consternation, just simply couldn’t be killed.

Oh sure, this person died, and usually in the most gruesome ways imaginable, but he also kept getting back up. Well, to make a long story short, this individual eventually befriended Ravik and showed him that he could be much more than a simple automaton.

Ravik, by nature and creation, is still a powerful warrior for the forces of Chaos but he is also in possession of free will unlike the rest. While he’s still “evil”, he has no controller, no strings, and does things his way. Currently he runs a large, multi-national corporation which is a world leader in the production of weapons technologies.

In other news I went to go see S.W.A.T. last night, and while it is an entertaining movie in and of itself, it was a trailer for a new movie that caught my eye. The name of the movie is “The Underworld” I believe and it’s a story about the war between the vampires and the werewolves. Its directed by the guy who did “Blade II”, so don’t expect much, but it’ll most likely be a fun few hours with popcorn and soda.

Well, gotta run.