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Sounds of the 80's

I've recently discovered that there's a musical genera out there called “Retro Wave”, which is essentially the synth-pop stylings that were so popular in the fluorescent and neon soaked 80's.

And, as someone who was essentially a synth-pop styling of the 80's, back in the 80's, I thought I should give this 'Retro Wave' a try — for science of course.

For a few days now I've had some of these albums in the car, and they definitely work as advertised. It's amazing to me how sound can be so deeply involved in memory, because I can put on these albums and be instantly transported to my High School era of '82 — '84; hanging out at the Cinderella City Mall, cruising nights on Colfax, the campus of Golden High School, and evenings spent toying with the fledgling computers of the era.

I sat in my Murano with its 15 speaker sound system, half dozen cameras and computers, radar systems and laser guidance, and multiple LCD screens — and smiled. I recalled sitting in my 1969 Toyota Corona and imagining what cars would be like in the future based on things like KITT from the tv show 'Knight Rider'…

I can honestly say the future is way cooler than I ever could have imagined. 🙂