Special Project…

I’ve got a bit of a special project coming up in the next week or two. Nothing work related, this one is a personal project and it requires these:

OSX 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5.
I have another boxed 10.5 set with the
I have another boxed 10.5 set with the “New Version 10.5.4” sticker on the front.

You could say I’ve been doing the Mac thing for a while… I have actual boxed copies of operating systems going back to System 7, which was early 90’s and ran on my Quadra 800…

Anyway, 10.3 is what came on the Special Project. 10.4 is notable for still being able to run OS9 and associated applications, which was lost in 10.5. And 10.5 is the last official version of OS X that will run on my Special Project.