Now that the free demo has released I guess I can talk about it.

I managed to score a pre-pre-release of the demo version of the “Creature Creator” for Spore a week or so ago and, if this small taste is anything like the full game, I don't expect to be putting it down for a *long* time.

The free demo allows you to make creatures, but the body features are limited to just a small portion of what is in the full game.

I've had my pre-order in for the game since EA made it available for pre-order, but the free demo of the creator portion of the game is an excellent way to pass the time before release. As soon as EA has it up on the SPORE site, I recommend nabbing a copy of the free demo just for the ear-to-ear grins, belly laughs, and general feeling of well-being you'll receive as you watch your little creation nod approval at your design decisions, dance around happily, and show off for you.

Once you've fiddled with the free demo version, there is a $10 version of the Creator application that has all of the hundreds of body features available to play with. This version of the application will be available Wednesday the 18th, so hours and hours of wholesome and fun godlike powers will be available to the masses this week.

So, there ya go. I don't endorse too many things but, if you're reading this go download the free demo when it is available and play with it. It's good for you. 🙂