Stay a while and listen…

After some pondering I decided to skip the $600 cat-6 install into the west bedroom and office, and instead decided to try a couple of Motorola “MOCA” ethernet over coax adapters.

See, every room in the house has coax for TV and most have ethernet, but for some reason the west rooms didn’t get ethernet. Enter Motorola, who makes DOCSIS modems for cable internet providers… Motorola apparently figured if they can send gigabit data a mile or so to a house over coax, sending gigabit data a hundred feet in a house over coax shouldn’t be too hard.

So, I bought two of these: Motorola Bonded 2.0 MOCA Adapter

My first home network was 10base-2 coax strung haphazardly from end-to-end in my trailer, so that my roommate and I could play things like Doom and Diablo over IPX — and that was 1995/1996.

Here I am in 2021 and I’m still slinging data across the house over coax… Things have basically gone full circle — it just took twenty five years to get back to where I started. 🙂

I also picked up a Cisco RV340 router for the house while I was wandering around Microcenter. While I have a really nice Amplifi “Alien”, the house router will live in the basement where the CenturyLink fiber terminates, and basements aren’t optimal for wifi…

So I’ll just put the “Alien” into bridge mode and set it up in the entertainment center in the family room.