Still going…

The last of the stuff from the old condo was hauled out on Friday, and this morning the cleaning crew I hired to ensure the place was in tip-top shape finished. So I’m officially moved I guess.

Now to hand over the keys some day soon (virus willing) and that will be that.

On the 12th I purchased a new Vespa scooter to get around on when I’m not going far enough or hauling enough to warrant using the Murano. I’ve already ridden it to work and back, which takes about 15 minutes each way.

2020 Vespa Sprint-50 “Notte” (flat black) at work.

It’s nice to be riding again, even if it is a mere 50cc scooter. 🙂

I guess the big news is COVID-19; or the Kung Flu as it were, which has essentially shut down everything and resulted in huge dents to my retirement fund.

Work-wise I had everything prepared for something like this back in 2012 as part of the company’s “Blizzard Plan” — where I expected a hundred employees to be working from home for a week or so… So the switch over from everyone at the office to no one at the office was exceptionably painless. Yay me.

And now I’ve been “working from home” since Wednesday of last week and enjoying it quite a bit… Even the Google Hangouts with various employees to work out their unique VPN issues have been nice as they’re not barging into my office anymore.

Several people I know are saying they are going stir crazy; meanwhile not a lot has changed for me save for not having to drive into work at 5:30AM… The wonders of being a recluse I guess.

Pretty much everything that supports a gathering of a dozen or more people is closed. Grocery stores are still open, but have lots of barren shelves… I stocked up as I was moving, so I have quite a bit of non-perishable food on-hand. I’m saving all of the long shelf-life stuff though being as restaurants are still doing carry-out and delivery. That and the grocers have limited things so I just go shopping twice a week now and replace the fresh foods I ate.

I’m a big salad eater, and salad goes bad pretty quick — so I just buy my leafy greens on Saturdays and Wednesdays now. 🙂

And that’s about it… The new townhouse is really, really nice — and I’m actually getting a chance to enjoy it!