Suddenly, nothing happened!

The big news for the last 24 hours is that I replaced the pads in my swamp cooler and fixed the pump.

Yeah, exciting isn’t it?

Ahh the wonders of being a homeowner… But I can now cool the house down when I get home, which is nice. Evaporative coolers are nice when you live in a desert like Colorado becuase for the cost of running a fan I can keep the house at a nice 70 degrees. That and the cooler adds some much needed humidity to the air which keeps the static down.

My next hardware store purchase will have to be a ladder… I’ve got several bulbs out around the upstairs and with the 20-something foot ceilings I need a ladder. Maybe I’ll pick one up and an assortment of bulbs on the way home tonight.

The car is running fine and work is slowly returning to “fun” which means things are just about back to normal around here.


Anyways, I once again have to run off to work, so I’ll bid you all a pleasant day and get moving.