Sunny California, day 1

Well, here I am in Culver City California!

For those who don’t know, Culver City is pretty much a back lot for MGM studios, which is about a half mile from here.

The project is a tough one, but I think I can pull it off.

More importantly, I had dinner at a real life Shakey’s Pizza! Many of you may not remember or even know about the legend that is Shakey’s…

When I was a kid a trip to the pizza parlor in Longmont Colorado was a real treat, but by the time I was a teenager and able to drive, it was gone and all of them in Colorado had shut down.

Well, it turns out there is at least one left here in California and I took Shaun, my second from work, there for dinner.

The 50 year old pizza establishment still has it – lots of stained glass and brass, and really good pizza, but the big glass Coke fountain glasses are a piece of history and are no more.

Anyways, I might have the weekend off so I’m pondering a trip over to DisneyLand – which should only cost about a hundred bucks or so…

But, right now I’m off to bed. Today started at 5am and it’s now a bit after 10pm, and I’m exhausted…

G’nite all.