Some of those supplies I mentioned a few entries back came in today… The first was the two one-week boxes of rations.

One week of food, in a handy carrying case!

I sampled a few of these before buying a bunch, and they’re actually really good!

As long as I have water, I have food — and I have several cases of bottled water. These will be awesome for camping next year if they don’t need to be used before then.

The other box was three 20-round boxes of 45-70.

These are Sellier & Bellot, made in the Czech Republic. Really nice brass.

People often ask “just how big is that round!?” Well, here’s a slightly larger than standard issue human hand for scale…

This set of 60 rounds are a bit hotter than the Marlin rounds and are 1509 fps and 2044 ft-lbs at the barrel. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s okay — it just means that they work as intended on literally any critter in North America.