Ok, it only took seven years, about a thousand dollars, and nearly as many miles and hours but I finally got my Virginia driver's license back. Yay me!

Unfortunately the VA DL is *ugly*… I much prefer the Colorado DL when it comes to aesthetics. The VA DL also expires on my birthday in 2009; five years as opposed to Colorado's ten years.

Oh well, at least I got it done… Now I can go look at that white Lotus Turbo Esprit at a dealership near here that I've had my eye on since I got here. 🙂

Let's see, what else? Zeze is on the way to Maryland to get some relative who will be staying here for the weekend so I actually have a few hours to mess around with the laptop and listen to some music. The sound system in the Apple Powerbook is just as cool as the rest of it…

Fredericksburg has gotten very big since the last time I was here. It's shocking to me just how much of the town has been replaced with a shopping center or mall. Fortunately, coming from the outback of Colorado where it took two hours to get anywhere “civilized”, I'm finding the city-ness of FBerg to be refreshing. Of course it also helps that the condo is on the outskirts of the city in one of these instamatic neighborhoods full of clone-homes. Everything here is about 6 months old and the development isn't full yet so it's a pretty peaceful place. I'm sure that in the next six months I'll be jonezing for some solitude, but that's six months from now.

Well, I think I'll sign off and maybe futz around with Shadowbane for a while then take a nap before it gets crazy around here again.

Have a good evening out there folks…