Tags and Title

I’ve owned the Kicks for about three months now, but driven it for two due to the month delay in getting it. The paperwork for the new title and plates was completed about a month ago, but it took another three weeks to get an appointment at the DMV…

Yep, appointment. Thanks to zombies you have to schedule your 30 minute slice of time several weeks in advance. And the day the paperwork came in the first available 30 minute window was October 12th.

Which was good I guess as the temp tags expire on the 15th.

My appointment was at 12:30, so I got there a half an hour early as is my way. Unfortunately the ticketing robot won’t even acknowledge your existence until ten minutes before your appointment – so I spent 20 minutes sitting around so that I could get the robot’s permission to sit around.

Eventually I was able to get a ticket, and three minutes later got called to a window. And almost $600 later had my elk-butt plates transferred to the new car.

Colorado “Elk-Butt” license plates…

One thing I noticed at the DMV was that, for the 45 minutes I was there, I was the only Y-chromosome on estrogen island… Not that I mind, it was just kinda creepy to be the only guy in the entire building. 🙂