Well, Larry is off to California again laying the groundwork for another consulting job. It’s nice that he likes to travel so much because I don’t. This does give me free run of Château D’Isaster for a month or so which is always fun as it lets me play my music as loud as I want and take over the big glass “board room” table in the dining room for art without having to put it all away when I get up to do something else for a while. Hopefully I can get the pieces I started six months ago for Wolf and Lyon finished shortly. I also have a pen-ink piece with Aryntha, Rai and I in it, in a ‘charlie’s angels’ sort of composition but with cameras in place of guns, not in silhouette, and with a big AT&T stile tower in the background. The sketch is pretty cool so far and I’m holding true to the heavy line weight and cell shading style popular in the 70’s… Maybe I’ll give Aryntha a big ‘fro or something. 😉