Ten Year Plan Update…

I got a bit of a surprise in the mail yesterday; a copy of the signed deed for my property down in southern Colorado!

All in all, it took almost exactly a year to purchase the land — which is the end result of both ‘boonies’ and ‘bureaucracy’.

Huerfano County, where my property sits, has a population of about 6500 people scattered over its 1600 square miles, and half of those people are in Walsenburg — the ‘big city’ for the area… So most of the county is pretty remote.

This makes it a bit tricky to get things done at the county-level as there aren’t a lot of people available to do things. Life is also a lot slower down there, so no one is exactly in a hurry to do anything. 🙂

But! Now I can start on phase two: a foundation and utilities.

I have no idea how much phase two will cost, or how long it will take… There are a lot of government things involved with permits and engineering and inspections — so I’m guessing another year.

But as soon as there is a foundation on the property, then I can get an address for it!

It will be such a trip to get the first piece of mail delivered to what was once an empty field of wildflowers and wildlife. Said first piece of mail will undoubtedly be some junk-mail flyer for something no one needs, but I might frame it none the less. 🙂